We're on a 🚀 mission to simplify reporting for marketing teams.

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SerpSquirrel was started by a marketing agency owner to simplify & save time in reporting. We understand your pain points and aim to create a simple seo reporting tools that can help you save you time & focus on things that bring results.

Monitor Rankings

Track your client's ranking movements accurately. Track by Country & Language & Export results easily.

On-Page Health

Get on top of on-page issues in your client's site, prepare and easily export detailed audit of up to 800 Pages !

White Label Reports

Save time in preparing on-page and ranking progress reports. Send reports with your company's branding.

Accurate Rank Tracking

Gone are the days of manually tracking rankings and maintaining progress reports.
SerpSquirrel helps you save hours in rank progress monitoring.

On-Demand Rank Check

Check rankings once any time of the day. Results are re-freshed instantly within seconds.

Check Country Wise Rank

Set your country, and language and get ranks for that specific region. Set project settings once and track daily.

Expert Customer Support

Backed up by a team of SEO experts, and market leaders. Serpify was born out of need and continues to grow.

Site Health Monitoring

Forget using 3-4 plugins, extensions and online tools to prepare one on-page report.
Get everything you need to know about website in one single audit report.

Detailed Report

From Heading Tags to Essential Files, SerpSquirrel makes more than 60 checks covering everything.

Lighthouse Insights

Our on-page reports cover lighthouse analysis from Google. Leverage google's open source project & optimise.

Audit Entire Sites

Audit up to 800 pages, covering entire sites and in-depth knowledge of what's going behind the scenes.

White Label Reporting

SerpSquirrel is constantly working towards becoming your go-to tool to prepare SEO reports for your clients.

Ranking Reports

Export Rank results in Excel, or a branded pdf to email to your clients.

Site Health Reports

Audit complete site and send the site health report to your client or prospects.

Custom Logo, Color, URLs

Prepare reports in your company's branding. Use your logo, color & URLs.

Keyword Research

Use our keyword research tool to find out what keywords you should be working on.
Combine data from multiple sources & find winning keywords.

Search Vol.

Get the latest search volume for your keywords within minutes.

Monthly Vol.

Get month on month data for your keyword searches.


Figure out what keywords are easy to rank on & which ones are difficult.

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