How To Get More Views on YouTube in 2021

YouTube has become one of the best online platforms for earning money and gaining a reputation among people. Most people have now started with their YouTube careers and are being successful.

Some start a YouTube channel to exhibit their talents and educate people on what they are good at. On other hand, some start the channel to just show people their day-to-day lifestyle and to entertain people.

To gain more stature and to earn some money it all depends on how many views you get for every video you post on your channel. The more subscribers you get the more views you can gain. So to grab more views for all the content you post on your channel I have listed some of the highly effective ways.

Ways to get more views on YouTube

Being active on your channel and posting content daily is not only the way to help you gain more views. But there are also a few more things that you have to follow up on to improve your viewer’s status. Now I will brief you about the ways to get more views on YouTube.

  • Create unique content
  • Be regular and active
  • Promote your videos on other social media platforms
  • Optimize your video titles
  • Create an impressive thumbnail
  • Translate your videos
  • Invite guests
  • Be updated
  • Link up with other content creators
  • Encourage people to subscribe

These are some of the effective ways which you can inculcate in your YouTube career to make it a great success. All of these ways need to be implemented strategically and need more patience to reap the desired results. Nothing can be achieved overnight. So patiently stick in implementing these steps and you will obtain the desired upshots gradually.

Create unique content

Creating good and unique content is a vital step for bestowing your viewers with an excellent video. Nowadays people search for unique content and if they come across such content they stick to it for further delights.

Now to remind you all I must say that YouTube is also a search engine and it directs its users to the most popular and relevant content as their search results.

So always make sure that you are creating unique content that nobody else is creating. Be genuine to your viewers. Put in your whole efforts to educate and entertain people.

You have chosen YouTube as a career or passion only to give people the best content that you can create. Never miss your track on these things as they may not yield the expected results.

Be regular and active 

Being regular and active in posting unique content can make your subscribers crave your video and they will be delighted to see your notification popping up on their screen. Never disappoint your subscribers at any cause.

The only way to be active in your YouTube channel is to schedule your things with the appropriate timings. Not everyone start-up a YouTube channel as a full-time job. Most of you will be doing it because it is your passion or as a part-time career.

So you have to schedule every day according to the works you have apart from YouTube and then allocate a separate time for all those stuff you do for your YouTube channel. Proper scheduling of time ensures that you have enough time left to do all your work properly and at the same time concentrate on YouTube too.

Another big advantage of being active and regular on YouTube is that your subscribers will never forget you and always will be eagerly awaiting your content.

Promote your videos on other social media platforms 

Social Media platforms are very effective in promoting all kinds of stuff. People show more interest in being active on all social media. So every time you make a new video make sure to promote it on all other social media in the form of a one-minute teaser of your whole video. This gives an idea to the people of what the upcoming video is all about and triggers enthusiasm among people.

Also, you can use different kinds of marketing tools that are available to do all these actions. With the help of those tools, you can stay connected and interact with your subscribers. You can also send an email to all your subscribers regarding the release of the new video. Further, you can promote it on your website, blog posts, Facebook, Instagram, etc to gain more views.

I will tell you the way these promotions work. For instance, you have around 100k subscribers to your YouTube channel. You are being regular in posting unique content. So those 100k people who follow you on YouTube will be updated regarding all your new videos. But to gain more views there are certain things that you have to consider.

First of all, is the SEO rating. If your content is creative and relevant to most of the searches then automatically your video will be ranking high in the SEO and also your video will be notified as a suggestion to people, this results in gaining more views.

Now, apart from your YouTube, you will be active on other social media platforms too. So promoting your new video every time on your other social media will grab the attention of even more new people and if they are interested in your content they will visit your channel, view the content, if they like your video they will check out your other videos for sure, and your views will increase then your goal can be achieved.

This is how the whole process of promoting your content on other social media works.

Optimize your video titles 

Working on a brand new video is all good but giving it a proper and attractive title is the toughest task to do. Even if your content is excellent all that matters is your title and that the title is the only key to acquire a higher SEO ranking and to capture the crowd.

YouTube while filtering video for all the searches will be highly stringent and also it will search for results that have a proper title, descriptions, tags, etc. So while you set the titles for your video make sure that you are picking it right.

You can also seek the assistance of the keyword tools including some free tools like Google trends, Google Ads Keyword Planner, etc. Also, make sure that your keywords are 60-70 characters long.

Another important aspect that you must be aware of the concept that YouTube penalizes the videos whose titles are not relevant to the content of the video. Work more with picking up appropriate and most attractive titles for your videos. Pay more attention to the titles to rank higher in the SEO.

Create an impressive thumbnail 

To grab more attention towards your channel you must have an attractive thumbnail. The thumbnail speaks more about your channel’s overall appearance. A thumbnail is a video’s pre-image. These little images matter more when it comes to grabbing the attention of people and gaining more views.

Your thumbnail must be relevant to the video and it should be more colorful with close-ups of faces, bright colors, layered texts, the logo, etc. There are also some more aspects that you must consider while you design your thumbnail.

Use 16:9 aspect ratio as this is the most user ratio element among all other YouTubers, set a resolution of 1280 × 720, make sure that your file size is less than 2MB, be formatted as JPG, GIF, BMP, or PNG. There are also plenty of tools to assist you to design the most appropriate and catchy thumbnail.

Translate your videos

YouTube is one of the most used and most popular search engines of all time. People all over the world from different countries and different languages are watching YouTube videos. So it will be more useful when you add captions or subtitles to all your videos. People from other languages can be able to understand your videos if they are transcribed. If you are planning to launch a channel on an International level then this will be a great idea for getting more views.

Sometimes people may be wanting to see your videos but the language will be a major issue that will stop them from watching your videos. So to avoid all these things you can add transcriptions to all your videos.

This will be highly helpful for the people as they can gain some knowledge or entertained by your videos and also you will be gaining more views.

Invite guests

A great way to deliver creative content is to invite some guest content creators to your channel and utilize this opportunity to make new and innovative videos for your channel. This could be even more entertaining to your subscribers and even the new viewers.

Inviting other guest bloggers who have more audience can be an incredible idea to gain more views. Also, they will help you with the script of your content and that can make the whole combo even better.

So to bring in new and creative ideas into your channel this could be a great strategy and this will help you to even get more followers. People who watch your guest’s channel will also visit your channel and will watch your content.

You can also do the same thing by visiting their channel and give some ideas regarding the content. In this way, you can build a friendly relationship with other content creators.

Be updated

While you create content for your YouTube channel makes sure that you are updated with what’s going on in society. Often stay updated with the viral happenings and create content regarding those things. Be the first one to share those viral contents so that people will start following you to stay up to date.

This can be easily done if you are into those types of researching minds. Never miss any viral content that comes your way and also be persistent in searching for those types of content.

Link up with other content creators

One of the best ways to gain more views on YouTube is when you link up with other content creators. When you get to know each other, well enough you can do so many things. You can promote your co content creators’ content and obviously, they will promote yours. Also, you all can join together and do videos and post them on your respective channels.

You can invite others to your channels and can entertain the viewers. People like watching their favorite YouTubers together and this may gain more views to your channel. This could be also an effective way to build up a healthy bond among the content creators.

Encourage people to subscribe

There are plenty of ways that you can make people follow your channel. Think of exciting ideas and implement them on your channel. The best way to encourage people to subscribe to your channel is to announce some exciting giveaways.  Those giveaways must be creative. Check for the products that are newly launched or most wanted by the people, or else you can give them the coupons that they can use later on. Those products or coupons must be unique and useful. Do not announce giveaways just for namesake or for any formalities.

While announcing those giveaways you can also include some constraints that the people have to follow to take part in your giveaway. At the same time do not overdo the conditions as it may irritate the people. Think wise and implement it more smartly.

These are some of the ways that you can try out if you are likely to gain more views on YouTube for the content you post. Make sure not to underestimate the power of this search engine. It might seem to be simpler but when used properly this will be a game-changer.

Whether you take this YouTube channel in a professional or passionate manner, never work for it without your whole involvement and hard work. Also, try to gain more views naturally, do not malpractice at any cost. Try out the ways that I have mentioned in this article and you can witness some visible changes on your channel.


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