How to Write the Best SEO Proposal that Closes Clients

Search Engine Optimization is a process that improves the traffic of a website through search engine results.  Search Engine Optimization improves both the quality and quantity of the traffic of a website.  SEO optimizes the content of the webpage and it makes the search engine show that particular content as the top result when people search for a certain keyword.

An SEO proposal is nothing but the sales pitch of the company which gives you a chance to attract new clients for the company.  An SEO proposal contains a brief and catchy introduction about you and your company.  The introduction should be attractive enough to hook up the client.

The SEO proposal also contains the factors which differentiate you from the crowd.  It explains what makes you stand unique when compared with other companies.  The clients usually search for a good SEO agency that stands unique from the usual pack of SEO agencies.

The SEO proposal also contains the details about your SEO tools which helps you to compete with your competitors and to stand unique. The SEO proposal also contains proof of your achievement which reveals the reasons why the client should choose your company over the other companies.

Let’s have a look at some of the tips which would convert your ordinary SEO proposals into the best SEO proposals.  The clients find the best SEO proposals at the first view as they are clear in what they want and what they expect from you.  To create the best SEO proposals, there is no need for you to spend plenty of time creating them.  You can use the SEO templates available in the market or you can create your own.

Once you finish creating the SEO template as you would like to do, you add customization to them according to the demands and expectations of your clients.  The customization can be done according to the business goals of your concerned clients.  Making the SEO proposals with certain features makes them the best SEO proposals and thus helps you to win many clients.

There are a particular set of things that you should add to your SEO proposals to make them the best.  They are an introduction and a summary, specific SEO insights, solutions that are needed by the clients, goals of your company, timeline i.e. an expected time for the clients to see the results, the pricing of your services as an SEO agency, contact details about your company, and other such things.


This is the place where you get an opportunity to arrest the attention of the clients and to hook them up to your company.  This section of an SEO proposal contains information about you and your company.  When you sell SEO services, you can attract plenty of clients by showcasing your achievements as an organization in the field of Search Engine Optimization.

You should first introduce your agency.  You can also tell them why you have chosen this as your passion.  This section is a place where you should give reasons to the clients which would convince them to choose your agency over the other SEO agencies.

You can also explain the services offered by your company.  You can also let them know the mission and the motto of your company.  This is the place to speak about your experience as an SEO agency in the field of Search Engine Optimization.

You should let them know that you have all things that are required to get excellent results.  Your past clients can be mentioned here.  If you have won any awards, you can mention them in this section of your SEO proposal.  You can also show the certifications you have won as an SEO agency.

The team of your SEO agency can be introduced to the clients with whom they are going to work.  You can also tell them about the specialties of your team and what makes them the best and qualified team.  These are the things that you should include in your SEO proposals.

This section is one of the most important sections of your SEO proposal.  The introduction part should be presented within a few slides.  Within those few slides, you should be able to impress your clients and make them know that you will play a significant role in their growth.

Understand them

This is a place where you should talk about what you have understood about them.  You should explain what you have perceived about their current performance in the area of Search Engine Optimization i.e. you reveal your insights about their current SEO performance.

You can let them know about the information you have gathered about their current position in the area of Search Engine Optimization.  If used properly, you can earn their trust through this section.  The revelation of your understanding about their company assures them the fact that you have taken time to know them completely.

This also makes them realize that you have made some efforts to understand their business goals and their competitors; you have analyzed their websites; you have created an SEO proposal for them that is completely personalized according to their business goals.

You can also explain the current keyword rankings of your clients.  You can also include a site audit of their websites which gives them a clear analysis of their overall performance.

The site audit that is given by your SEO agency to their company mainly evaluates the search engine friendliness of their websites in various areas.  The above-mentioned evaluation should be done based on the possibility of the website appearing on a search engine’s result pages (SERPs).

You can also make them understand what are the current issues in their websites and also tell them what you can do to solve those issues.  Hence, this becomes another important section of your SEO proposal where you are likely to spend much of your time to analyze the companies of your clients and to give them a detailed report about the analysis.

Your Contribution

This section of solutions and outputs is the place where you explain what you can do for the company, i.e. as an SEO agency what are the things you can contribute to the companies of your clients.  You should explain what projects you and tasks you can do for the clients’ companies in the area of Search Engine Optimization.

You should specific about the things you mention in this section.  And this is a key section which plays a significant role in attracting new clients.  You should tell them what you would do for them every month.

You should tell them how many links you can build in a month if you take over the link-building area.  You should give them an idea of how much can you contribute to them if you offer content writing services for their websites.  You should tell them how many blog posts or how many pages you can deliver to them within one month.  You can also let them know whether you can also do social media marketing for their companies.

And also, you should tell them about the kind of service you do when it comes to Search Engine Optimization.  The clients want to know what kind of SEO reports you can give them every month i.e. they want to know how well their sites are performing in search engines, what are the positions, and the rankings of their websites in search engines.


This is a part where you tell about your goals as an SEO agency.  You have to set high goals.  At the same time, you should not boast about yourself.  First, you should know your strengths and weaknesses.  So, you can know what you can do for your clients effectively and satisfy them.

You should access your performance with your clients in the past and then you should design your goals.  You should be able to give them numbers in particular about how much traffic you can drive to their websites through Search Engine Optimization, how many links you can build, how many signups you can generate, etc.


When they wish to give you a chance, they want to know within how much time you can show them positive results.  The one main unknown thing for many clients is that Search Engine Optimization is a process that takes a particular amount of time.  Thus, you should be clear in giving this timeline about the results to your clients.

Not all the clients would expect the same from you.  Some clients may expect you to do a lot of tasks and projects within a short period.  So, you should be good enough in making yourself clear to them.  So, you need not let them build expectations and later let them break.  You can honestly say to them what you can do as an SEO agency and how much time you can do those things.

Making yourself clear at the beginning itself, relieves you from working under heavy pressure.  If you made yourself clear earlier, you never fail to meet their expectations as after knowing yourself they build their expectations keeping your timeline in their minds.  This revelation of your timeline helps you to avoid unnecessary cracks in your relationships with your clients.


Once you made yourself clear about what you can do for their companies, the next thing you have to talk about is money i.e. the pricing for your services.  While talking about the pricing, remind the clients that your services to them as an SEO agency play a significant role in generating a good deal of revenue for their companies.

They should know and believe strongly that you provide value for their money.  Instead of quoting a fixed price for your services, you can give them different options in pricing.  The sense of having options to choose from ensures that you are not imposing any form of superiority over them when it comes to pricing.

Classify your options into different categories i.e. have a standard package, another package which is less in price, one more superior kind of package which has some extra offers and services.  You can give them two to three options with which you are convenient and let them choose from the options.


This is one of the key steps to win over the clients.  You strive to use a common template for your clients.  It works only to some extent.  You have to personalize your proposals for every client.

You should personalize the content of your SEO proposals according to the business goals of every individual client.  You can shape the proposals after analyzing their websites.  Having a closer look at the demands and expectations of your clients helps you to personalize your SEO proposals more effectively.

Follow the K.I.S.S Principle

You should follow the Keep It Short and Simple principle (KISS principle) while preparing the SEO proposals for your clients.  You don’t know how well your clients know about the area of Search Engine Optimization.  So, you should prepare your proposals in such a way that they understand everything quite easily without any difficulties.

You should keep the process smooth, not complicating it with unnecessary or difficult-to-understand information in the SEO proposals.  Avoid using many technical terms.  Because the usage of plenty of technical terms may complicate the process of communication and understanding.  Hence, you should keep your proposals short and crispy to attract as many clients as possible.

Hence, the above-mentioned sections are the things that you should feature in your SEO proposals to make them the best SEO proposals that your clients have ever seen.  Also, when preparing an SEO proposal, you should keep in mind that your clients would look for some other SEO agencies as there are plenty of them available.  So, you have to remember that you should stand out uniquely from the usual crowd to attract the clients to your side.

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