Best Blogs About Digital Marketing to Follow in 2020

It’s no private that digital marketing has reasonably modified the online landscape. As new technology is unfolded and major disruptors continue to influence digital marketing’s evolution, marketing strategies must steady grow and evolve in order to stay applicable.

The ticket to accomplishing the biggest ROI is to stay abreast of the latest updates and trends in our field by obtaining a student mentality. The most thriving digital marketers devote time each week to staying ahead of the curve and realizing what works. But finding time to stay up to date with the dizzying array of algorithm updates, developing technology, and the latest consumer data can seem virtually inconceivable for even the most veteran marketer.

To boost, we’ve compiled the following list of the 37 best digital marketing blogs to support you stay up to date with the latest SEO news and digital trends in 2020.


SEO is a big part of digital marketing and the Moz blog is one of the best sources available for learning about SEO trends, studies and best practices. Their content dives deep enough to be useful to seasoned veterans of SEO, while still often being accessible to newbies.


HubSpot is known in the industry as one of the best content creators out there. While the blog has a focus on inbound marketing (the company’s founder originally coined the term, after all), the content covers a wide range of topics relevant to marketers beyond inbound, from customer service to hiring good talent and productivity.

Content Marketing Institute

In the last few years, content marketing has quickly become one of the most popular topics in the digital marketing world. The Content Marketing Institute was one of the first companies to start touting the value of content in digital marketing, and the blog remains one of the best resources for following content marketing trends and best practices.

Search Engine Journal

As the name suggests, Search Engine Journal is an online publication that goes deep into the subject of search engine marketing. They cover updates to search engine algorithms, tips for pay-per-click marketing and useful SEO information.


Figuring out how to choose the best wording to get a sale has been a part of marketing for as long as marketing’s existed. But digital marketing has introduced a number of new channels and contexts for marketers to figure out. CopyHackers provides research-backed advice on how to write in a way that gets conversions across the wide world of the web

Social Media Examiner

Social media has long been a challenge for brands to do well. Social Media Examiner provides studies on what works and detailed tutorials on using social media effectively. If you’re struggling to make social media profitable (as many are), this is a good resource to check out.

Convince and Convert

The Convince and Convert blog covers a broad array of digital marketing topics. Their posts provide tips for digital marketing, thought leadership posts on where the industry is going, and examples of good marketing that can help others.


Mark Schaeffer’s Grow blog has been providing useful information on digital marketing and technology for years, occasionally venturing into a controversial territory (most notably with the widely discussed content shock post a few years back). The blog includes a mix of general marketing advice and thought leadership pieces that analyze what’s happening now in digital marketing and what’s to come.


The Buffer blog primarily focuses on social media advice and research, while occasionally venturing into broader topics relevant to marketers, like design tips and useful marketing tools. They’re known for well-researched posts that tackle topics in-depth.


Kissmetrics is a digital marketing blog with a particular focus on making use of marketing analytics to improve results over time. Many of their posts are based on testing and research performed by brands and what readers can learn from it.


Primarily focused on design and technology, Hongkiat points people toward helpful (often free) design resources, provides advice on doing design well, and occasionally ventures into other digital marketing topics like social media.


All the other marketing you do is designed to get people to the point where your conversion optimization efforts can do their job. The Unbounce blog covers advice and research on how to take your prospects from interest to action.


MarketingProfs provides articles, infographics and original research on a wide variety of digital marketing topics. While much of their content requires (free) registration to access, it doesn’t take long to do and, for your trouble, you’ll gain access to one of the most respected publications in the digital marketing industry.


MarketingLand’s broad focus encompasses just about all things digital marketing, including social media, search engine marketing, mobile marketing and marketing analytics. Their blog posts cover marketing news, general tips and information about popular marketing products.


So much of good marketing depends on good planning. On that topic, the CoSchedule blog has you covered. Their posts mostly cover blogging and social media advice, with a general focus on effective planning and efficiency.


While the HelpScout blog’s overall focus is on customer satisfaction, it includes a lot of posts that will be helpful to digital marketers. Posts that cover topics like how to understand your customers and communicate with them effectively are just as important to marketers as customer service reps, making this a good blog for digital marketers to watch

Duct Tape Marketing

The Duct Tape Marketing blog provides advice for small businesses doing marketing on a tight budget. While that’s the blog’s target audience, many of the insights shared on the blog can be useful to bigger brands as well, so it’s worth checking out no matter the size of your business.


The ConversionXL blog is packed with posts about tracking the success of your marketing efforts and using your analytics to improve conversions. Their posts are well researched and frequently include actionable steps for readers.


The SEO blog ViperChill dives deep into researching SEO trends and analyzing what’s working for different companies. Their posts tend to be long, unique and packed with lots of examples and specific research.


You can’t get far in content marketing anymore without putting some of your time and effort into promoting your content. The GroupHigh blog is all about influencer marketing, covering tips on how to do it well, the main influencers to look to in different industries, and examples of brands that have pulled it off.


Unmarketing wants marketers to stop following the obvious rules of digital marketing and start thinking of ways to connect with customers that are outside the box. Their blog posts therefore are less about general tips and best practices, and more about a different way of looking at marketing

The Content Strategist

The Content Strategist is Contently’s blog about content marketing that covers content marketing trends, examples of great content marketing and general best practices.

Social Triggers

While Derek Halpern’s blog about growing an online business, Social Triggers, don’t have marketers as its primary target audience (that would be online business owners), nonetheless it’s a good blog for marketers to follow. Since a big part of running a successful online business is digital marketing, plenty of his posts tackle suggestions on how to do it well.

The Sales Lion

An early adopter of content marketing, Marcus Sheridan has had time to get a good picture of what works and he shares his insights on The Sales Lion blog. With written posts and podcasts intermixed on the blog, you have your choice of how to learn.

Digital Marketer

The Digital Marketer blog says what it does right there in the name. You can find posts about different facets of digital marketing, including copywriting, content marketing and social media.

Business 2 Community

Business 2 Community is a general business publication that includes a lot of valuable content about digital marketing. There’s a whole section on “Digital and Social” that delves into SEO, email marketing and other digital marketing tactics

Blind Five Year Old

While the name is a little strange, the Blind Five Year Old Blog is all business. The posts go deep into SEO topics, making arguments with the use of detailed examples and plenty of helpful (and sometimes entertaining) images.

Social Media Today

Social Media Today shares social media news, tips and research. They cover information on all the main social media platforms and report on most of the new social media research that gets published.

Social Media Explorer

Social Media Explorer focuses primarily on social media, but sometimes covers additional topics related to digital marketing and technology like influencer marketing and virtual reality marketing. They’re a valuable resource for up-to-date trends in social media and marketing technology.

Spin Sucks

The Spin Sucks blog covers digital marketing and PR from a perspective of keeping marketing ethical—steering marketers away from the “spin doctor” label. The blog doesn’t stick exclusively to digital marketing topics but gets into networking tips and productivity advice alongside posts on SEO and UX. Basically, if it’s valuable to marketers then it’s fair game for the Spin Sucks blog.

Ignite Social Media

The Ignite Social Media blog publishes posts on notable features of the different social media platforms, great examples of social media marketing, and advice on doing social media marketing well. It’s another good blog to help you stay on top of social media trends and best practices.


The ultimate goal of digital marketing is to make your business more money. One of the most powerful tools marketers now use to achieve that is marketing personalization. The Monetate blog focuses on topics related to using marketing personalization to increase profits, including the technology you need to accomplish one-to-one marketing, tips for testing and general e-commerce trends.


Copyblogger’s also places a big emphasis on content marketing, as well as all other forms of copy businesses use to build relationships and sell products. For writers especially, it’s a helpful resource to follow

SEMRush Blog

Most know SEMRush for being one of the digital marketing industry’s top tools as an in-house toolkit that specializes in competitive research.

But did you know it also has an outstanding blog for search marketing professionals? Its thought leadership content provides useful advice on everything from optimizing websites to link building strategies and everything in-between. It also helps readers make sense of any new algorithm changes so that your brand doesn’t miss a beat.

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is one of the top marketers in the country who has built successful companies of his own such as KISSMetrics and CrazyEgg plus has consulted with several Fortune 100 brands. He possesses a level of marketing expertise unmatched by most of the industry.

If you’re looking for actionable insights that can help drive results for your marketing program, look no further than Neil’s blog. His posts feature engaging content, primarily in video and podcast format that are useful regardless of where you’re at from a marketing standpoint.

Crazy Egg’s The Daily Egg

Crazy Egg is a tool that provides heatmaps, scroll maps and click reports to show how customers are responding to various site elements. The blog delivers data-driven content, including tips to improve your site’s conversion rate.

You’ll find posts about designing effective calls-to-action, improving landing pages and creating compelling copy. Founder Neil Patel makes the occasional post on The Daily Egg, although the bulk of his content is still on his personal website. Regardless, this blog remains one of the top authorities for conversion rate optimization.

The Ahrefs Blog

The Ahrefs Blog helps marketing practitioners get better at SEO with how-tos and opinion pieces for marketers and industry experts alike. Their expertise is useful for beginners and skilled professionals alike with useful information around the SEO space.

Ahrefs’ posts are typically pretty data-heavy and dive into some of the tool’s features. While there are some blog posts that promote their products, the vast majority are about providing value to marketers using tried and true techniques.

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