Best Blogging Platforms to Start Blogging With in 2021

Maintaining a blog is very useful for someone who wants to publish content on the web. It is a sort of an online diary or a journal located on a website.

What is Blogging ?

A blog is very versatile as it can be used for both public and private purposes. Blogs can be kept private by making them available only to a selected group of people and blogging can be taken up as a profession also.  If one already has a website, blogging is debatably the best way to improve the visibility and reach of the page.

Factors affecting Blogging

There are multiple blogging platforms available on the internet and it is very important to choose the correct platform depending on the purpose of the blog to yield the best results. It is also considered to be a very lucrative profession for people interested in them. It is a job which demands critical and creative abilities on the part of the blogger. Blogging is considered to be a very popular career choice in recent times.

Selecting the correct platform is a crucial step in ensuring the success of the blog. For a beginner who is just starting out, selecting a blogging platform that is easy to set up is wise. Complex blogging platforms might require coding and amateurs in the field will find this aspect too difficult.

The blogger must also have the foresight to think about what sort of blog the person wants to create currently and in the future. The blogger may want to change the look and add more features for the audiences to the blog as it gains popularity. This requires the platform to be flexible, giving the blogger the potential to change and modify the blog as and when required.

Choosing the wrong blogging platform to start with can make it very difficult to switch to another one later on. Even if the blogger may not want to earn money from the blog then, it is wise to have the option for future purposes.

The blogger may want to earn revenue for their work in the future and therefore it is beneficial if they have the option to do so right from the beginning of their journey.

List of Best Blogging Platforms

Blogging is a very creative process and among the various platforms available the following is a list of the best blogging platforms.


Wix is a very convenient and versatile solution for people who want to venture into the world of blogging. People gravitate towards this platform because of its simplicity and creating an attractive website or blog is possible without any knowledge of coding.

Wix offers the users readymade templates for any sort of blog, which is very easily customizable with their drag-and-drop editor. The blog manager is also easy to maneuver around, with pre-installed analytics and SEO tools. It is very conducive for adding basic features such as hashtags, comments, likes, subscriber forms and other tools to the blog.

Adding contributors to the blog is also very simple on this platform as it allows one to add multiple writers without charging any extra fee.
Building a blog on Wix is as easy as signing into the account, selecting a template and making edits. Updating fonts and colours to personalize the template makes it unique and attractive.

Another benefit of this portal is that all its features are available on the mobile app and it doesn’t limit the operations to a laptop or desktop. Wix is therefore a powerful and user friendly platform for bloggers to use for both personal and commercial purposes.


WordPress initially began as a blogging tool for content creators, but now is one of the best options of blogging. It is one of the most versatile portals which can answer any and all queries of the blogger. The user needs to buy a domain name, acquire web hosting and create an account on WordPress to begin.

One of the main reasons why WordPress is so popular is because of the scalability. No matter how big or how small the demands of the user are, WordPress can efficiently handle the demands. There are multiple plugins which allow the bloggers to explore various extra features.

WordPress also has a feature which allows the user to change the code of the website. This is an open-source domain which means that the user is free to do whatever they wish to on the website.

However, with so many features and plugins one has to learn how to efficiently use the website. This is not the simplest option for beginners and bloggers who just want to start blogging and create a website will not find WordPress to be very user-friendly.


Tumblr is the best platform for micro-blogging, which is basically sharing one’s thoughts without maintaining a website. This platform supports more than 500+ million bloggers, who share their stories, posts, GIFs, links, music, art, fashion, etc. on this platform.

Tumblr is primarily a social media site with the ability for micro-blogging. Once the content is shared on this portal others can follow the account and get notified when new posts are made.

The benefit of this kind of a set up is that it is very easy to get viewership and traction on the shared content. It is very simple to get the work noticed by others.

The most convenient factor about Tumblr is that it is absolutely free and all that it required for starting out is an account on the platform. While this platform is simple and quick, it is not suitable for commercial purposes or long term content creation.


Blogging with this platform is very simple and convenient and does not require set up or coding skills. As the user types on the platform, they get a glimpse of what the post will look like when it is published.

Medium also has the option of creating a Publication instead of just a profile. This feature is very convenient as it allows the user to add other writers and contributors to their blog. This portal allows the user to reach an already existing online community of people who also share similar interests.

It also provides the bloggers with more options in controlling what is on their blog homepage. One major advantage of this platform is that the user can completely focus on writing instead of creating a website.

Medium is widely recognized for being one of the best traditional blogging platforms. However, the blogger will not be able to own the traffic on the blog or sell advertisement placements and the like. Another reason why Medium is popular among bloggers is because this platform is completely free to use.


Blogger is one of the pioneers in the world of blogging. Most long term bloggers started out by using this platform. This portal is owned and managed by Google and therefore it is a free service, which allows the user to have Google host the blog with a subdomain. The bloggers can also purchase their own custom domains with only a few simple steps.

The benefits of this platform include its simplicity and user-friendly nature. One can publish their blogs on this portal without knowing how to maneuver around technical aspects. Blogger also has the added advantage of Google’s security and reliability. Google also provides the blogger with deep insights into the traffic generated by the blog.

The writer can know exactly where the audience is being generated from and who his viewers actually are. It is also very simple to generate revenue from this platform by using Google AdSense by presenting a targeted advertisement on the blog.

Blogger also has provisions for modifiable templates and custom layouts which make it very convenient for a new blogger to start out. The user-friendly interface is what makes users gravitate towards this platform for their blogging purposes.


This portal which originally started out as an online resume sharing platform, has become one of the most successful business blogging places online. They boast of 590+million users, where 44% of them are monthly active users.

The readers of the articles on LinkedIn are mainly all people who are at high positions in business organizations. Therefore, it is an undeniable fact that the reach of this portal is large. This platform has a ready-made trend and set of expectations that the blogger would find very beneficial and helpful while creating his blogs.

Writing well on this platform not only increases the user’s network, but also re-establishes the deep knowledge that the blogger has about a particular area. LinkedIn provides the user with statistics relating to the posts, which is useful for the writer to know which articles are working and which are not.

However, articles cannot be posted here. The posts have a word limit of 1,300 characters, which are just about 5 lines. LinkedIn audiences would be more interested in reading small updates or anecdotes, rather than long articles. But blogging on LinkedIn guarantees an elite viewership.


This portal is suitable for people who are professional bloggers. It is a fully developed platform for blogging which is designed to suit the needs of professional bloggers.

The platform offers a lot of flexibility, allowing the user to publish from their emails, a web browser or their mobile phones. Typepad easily integrates itself with Google Analytics and even provides its own affiliate plans. The platform supports customizations of design with a Theme Builder which provides a custom look, and even provides an option for creating a personalized template or improvising a theme with a custom CSS.

It is fully hosted and has support available. However, this is a paid service and does not offer any free services. They provide a 14-day trial period, which is free, but after the expiry of that free trial, the user has to pay the subscription fee to access the platform.


The platform is a website building service that provides the blogger with the opportunity to create attractive websites using simple drag and drop tools. Small business owners who seek an easy way to create an online presence find this platform very suited for their needs and requirements.

This portal is suitable for beginners who aren’t very tech savvy or are unaware of how to do coding. The templates that are available on this website are very attractive and professionally designed, which is very helpful in attracting the attention of the audiences.

Squarespace offers a separate domain name with SSL/HTTPs and eCommerce stores. However, this platform does not provide much scope for modifications and is limited to the features that are built into their proprietary platform.

Integrations on this portal are also limited to a select few services and tools. Therefore, the blogger may find themselves limited to stay within the limits set by the platform.


Ghost is a minimalist platform which is dedicated to writing blog posts. This is a huge advantage for bloggers who heavily depend on their writing abilities and do not have any expertise in creating images, GIFs and other such visual modes.

This platform focuses solely on writing and therefore is very helpful to disseminate information simply. The interface is very user friendly, clean, clutter free and intuitive. This platform has been written in JavaScript and therefore is very fast in  operations.

Ghost is available in a hosted version, as well as a software which can be installed on any device. However, the options which are available for the user are very limited and there are not too many themes to change the appearance of the template. Therefore, the user finds his options for modifications and innovations very limited and are restricted in their operations.

This platform is otherwise a very simple and convenient portal for bloggers who heavily depend on their writing skills for their blogs. Ghost has a fast and simple interface which makes this portal one of the best platforms for blogging.

These are some of the well known sites from my experience.

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