Affiliate Marketing Guide for Beginners : How to Get Started

You as an individual seller are promoting products of other companies. So, when someone buys something through the link you provided, you get rewarded with a commission. Therefore, you’re now the salesperson for the company.

It is one of the most steady income streams available online, opted by many people all over the world. As a marketer, you have to find a product or service that you believe will be helpful to your users. After that you have to add to blog posts and other areas of the site, which will bring users.

Now let’s get into the details!

Steps to get into affiliate marketing ~

Decide a platform – On any platform, affiliate marketing can be done, but, there’s a but. The ease to build an audience and increase sales is something to consider.

Simultaneously one has to disclose that affiliate links are added to their content. To who? To FTC – Federal Trade Commissions which requires one to be transparent when one receives income as a commission

Choose a niché – Anything you select, competition is present and it’s a hard one to shake. If you’re interested in a topic, write about it by yourself. Consistency is that tool which pays off. Documenting in an attractive way will make people come to your site automatically.

Join different affiliate programs – Depending on your niché, goals and expertise level decide a program. There can be hundreds of programs found on the click of a mouse but finding the right one is the task.

There are three kinds to join in-

  • High pay-outs program, less mass appeal
  • Low paying, high mass appeal
  • High pay-outs, high mass appeal.

Produce and create good content – Recording or logging down your own unique experience whether that goes with the trend, mass or not doesn’t matter. Uniqueness is what will keep your hold on the audience. Content should be in such a way that the links seem a part of the deal. It can be done in any way such as recommendations, reviews, etc.

Bring traffic to your site – Some of the most common ways today to do this is –

  • Building an email list
  • Search engine optimization
  • Paid traffic
  • Free eBook offers
  • An email course, etc.

Bring clicks on your links – One of the most important points people don’t consider. One has to do this alongside the content creation.

Strategically placing links, leading to clicks is what half of the affiliate is all about. Balancing the position according to your content and the nature of your audience is the key.

Transform clicks into sales – There are two types of conversions ~ 1. Click to the product page.  2. Visitor purchasing the product.

What’s the trick? Learn the rules, play them to your advantage, look for merchants with programs who convert effectively.

There are two sides to the same coin – The product creator-seller and the affiliate marketer

Since the product to be sold determines the identity of the marketer, it should be chosen wisely. One can be both the creator and marketer. Yes! S/he can still profit from the product.

There are 4 parties involved in this field –

  • The Merchant
  • The Network
  • The Publisher
  • The Customer

Let’s get into who’s who?

Merchant – The one who creates the product. They can be an organisation like Dyson or an individual like Mariah Coz. Anyone is likely to be a merchant starting from start-ups to entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies. How? They all have products to sell.

Affiliate – The one who publishes about the products. Now here also, anyone can be an affiliate ranging from individuals to companies. How you can do it, is already talked about above in points. This needs patience and determination since it doesn’t grow overnight.

Consumer – Without them there’s not a system which stands tall and successful. There’s one thing to consider – whether you want to let your audience know that they’re a part of an affiliate marketing system.

️Network – It’s an important part of the play to consider. Acting as a link between the affiliate and the merchant, it guides both of the parties well to obtain a good income.

Giving a network the control keeps the more as serious and professional. This also helps as a database for products for the affiliate marketer.

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Benefits of Being an Affiliate markter

What’s the advantage of being an affiliate marketer, you ask?  As an affiliate marketer, you will have the choice to promote products from diverse companies and earn incomes from each of them.

Do you want to know how it works? We’ll explain it for you.

A link is generated. Someone clicked on it. What happens? A cookie is generated. Cookie is a small file which gets stored on their device.

It does two things –

1. Helps the merchant get a characteristic view of the person, which will help in getting sales from the right one.

2. Holds an expiration date, which helps to get your income in any kind of delayed consequence.

Let’s see an example of how this works ~

Suppose, a person reads about your post about the best books to read for February. They click on one of the links directing to a product on Flipkart. Now, suddenly they realise that they have to go to work. So they leave the house, reach the office, and work the whole day. On the way back, they surf Flipkart and find the product in their searches. Since they’re already shopping on Flipkart, they decide to buy some kitchenware too.

The good news here is when they clicked on the link, a cookie was saved on their device. Since, Flipkart stores cookies for 24 hours, s/he will get a price compensation for both the kitchen ware and the books without promoting the later.

Finding right affiliate products and services –

Some of the common and easiest ways to find products and companies to partner up as an affiliate marketer are –

  1. Becoming an affiliate for the products already used at home – At home, gather the products which are already in use. This makes convincing to the audience easier because you know the pros and cons very well.
  2. Recommended products from blogs – On different websites, there are noticeable banners and hyperlinks provided. These are the indications of affiliated products being sold. Clicking on the link will help the merchants track which consumer is giving them sales through the unique affiliate ID.
  3. Joining Networks – Acting as middleman, they bridge the gap between marketer and merchant. This will help in gaining partnerships and products more quickly.
  4. Reach out to companies – Inviting companies to join you in marketing will help both of you, even though they may not be actively promoting their affiliate program.

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